What's next?

In the coming days/weeks there will be a new #LOSTtoTIME video for the Mahencha Apartments, an old abandoned hospital that is attached to the Gary Police Department, and the montage versions for Lew Wallace, Horace Mann, Emerson, Spaulding, etc. 

I've also started including a bit of history about the buildings in the videos. I'd add more but the sheer volume of stuff that I/we shoot combined with me doing my daily vlogs backs up rather quickly (at the present moment i'm 6 days behind on editing). I have no plans on stopping or slowing down tho. Hell, yesterday afternoon we went and scouted some locations to help Tony's Altocelarophobia. Apparently familiarity with a building will ease his suffering. 

Speaking of his suffering, he keeps making strides to change his situation and I can't help but be proud of that. Not in the sense that it's my doing, but more in the sense that someone sees an issue in their life and instead of just droning on about how it sucks, is doing something about it. I respect that. I don't understand the fear to begin with but I respect the hell out of the effort to overcome it. 

Tony specifically requested we stop by City Church/City Methodist Church yesterday simply so he could walk in the big room. Not only did he walk thru it on his own, I turned around and saw him LOOKING UP and walking. He's more of a badass for this than anything else I've seen him do. Look for the footage on #ChronologicallyJoel: March 30, 2017 on the YouTubes