What's next?

In the coming days/weeks there will be a new #LOSTtoTIME video for the Mahencha Apartments, an old abandoned hospital that is attached to the Gary Police Department, and the montage versions for Lew Wallace, Horace Mann, Emerson, Spaulding, etc. 

I've also started including a bit of history about the buildings in the videos. I'd add more but the sheer volume of stuff that I/we shoot combined with me doing my daily vlogs backs up rather quickly (at the present moment i'm 6 days behind on editing). I have no plans on stopping or slowing down tho. Hell, yesterday afternoon we went and scouted some locations to help Tony's Altocelarophobia. Apparently familiarity with a building will ease his suffering. 

Speaking of his suffering, he keeps making strides to change his situation and I can't help but be proud of that. Not in the sense that it's my doing, but more in the sense that someone sees an issue in their life and instead of just droning on about how it sucks, is doing something about it. I respect that. I don't understand the fear to begin with but I respect the hell out of the effort to overcome it. 

Tony specifically requested we stop by City Church/City Methodist Church yesterday simply so he could walk in the big room. Not only did he walk thru it on his own, I turned around and saw him LOOKING UP and walking. He's more of a badass for this than anything else I've seen him do. Look for the footage on #ChronologicallyJoel: March 30, 2017 on the YouTubes

LOST to TIME Blog: February 25, 2017

Despite starting the day off at the wrong school, when one googles Emerson it takes you to Wurt, we had quite a bit of adventuring to do. Once we left Wurt we found Spaulding Elementary. I'm not sure why we are on such a school kick at the moment but they are fun. After some equipment malfunctions were sorted out we perused the school. Tony knows someone named Adam Hall who does Urban Exploring as well and he agreed to "tour guide" us thru Emerson. Lots of cool photo and video opportunities in that building. We ran into another group for the first time ever on our way into Emerson, then again on our way out. 

Gary Screw & Bolt is SO MASSIVE that Tony was having none of it, but i'd like to go back soon. 

Enjoy the video and photos from that day on the LOSTtoTIME page. 

Watch the full walkthrough of these places on #ChronologicallyJoel: February 25, 2017 on YouTube.

Golf 2017: Day 1

Sam and I took the hint of 67 degree and sunny weather to hit the links. 

Inevitably Sam will find a way to win... 

He kept talking about hoping his back would hold up. Spoiler alert: it did.  

He kept talking about hoping his back would hold up. Spoiler alert: it did.  


The bottleneck at hole 5 was worse than usual.   

The light hitting the trees was casting a pretty mean shadow.     

The light hitting the trees was casting a pretty mean shadow.  


Summertree was packed today. Everyone had the same idea. It was slow going at first but after the first 9 these two young kids, who were walking in front of us, left and it was wide open after that. 


I always let Sam drive so I have time to mess with my non-golf related gadgets in-between shots.  


Droning was successful until the memory card filled up. 

 FINAL SCORE: 98 to 94. Sam wins. 

Hate you sam.